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How Dragonflower Music Was Started

The owner of DFM was tired of playing "cheap little ditties" on her folk harp, and was frustrated by the lack of really substantial published repertoire for the lever harp. So she decided that the only solution to this problem was to start writing and publishing her own arrangements of such. This was the birth of Dragonflower Music in late 1989. The name Dragonflower was chosen because it combines two Welsh symbols: the dragon and the daffodil. Being of Welsh and Irish heritage, Darhon wished to honor her Celtic past and the great harping tradition associated with both Wales and Ireland.

About the Owner

A native of Cleveland, Ohio, Darhon Rees-Rohrbacher holds a Doctorate degree (DMus) in vocal performance and literature. Initially trained as a classical vocalist and pianist, she began her harp studies after moving to Upstate New York and has since followed a multi-faceted career path. Her musical skills have taken her from the most formal, orchestral concerts to very intimate chamber performances wearing historical costume.  She is a well-known composer whose harp arrangements are sold internationally and she has many published articles in harp journals. Darhon also pursues her interest in healing as a nursing instructor (MSN) in higher education.

On a more personal note, Darhon is about 5 feet 8 inches tall with a muscular build, has chestnut-brown hair and hazel-green eyes. Her hobbies are reading, taking walks, attending cultural events, traveling and dressmaking. Her Celtic first name means "oak nymph" and is pronounced as DAH-run. (She is of Welsh & Irish background.)

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