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Harp Societies and Journals

American Harp Society
Folk Harp Society
Historical Harp Society
The Harp Column
Hudson Valley Harpers' Circle
NorthEastern Mountain Chapter of the AHS
Scottish Harp Society

Harp Craftsmen - companies/individuals who build harps

Another Era Lutherie
Camac Harps
Dusty Strings Harps
Fisher Harps
Hayden Harps
Heartland Harps
Kortier Harps
Lyon & Healy Harps
Muma, Roger Harps
Musicmakers Kits, Inc.
  Pratt Manufacturing, Inc.
Rees, William Instruments
Salvi Harps
Stanley Harps
Thormahlen Harps
Timothy Harps
Triplett Harps
Venus Harps
Webster Harps

Harp Retail Establishments

(Places to purchase harps and/or harp sheet music and accessories)

Coon Hollow Canvas - Kila, MT)
Dulcimer Shofar - Los Angeles, CA
Dusty Strings Harps - Seattle, WA
The Enchanted Harp-Puyallup, WA
Folk Mote Music - Santa Barbara, CA
Gallery Music - Portland, ME
Glissando Harp Centre - Germany
The Harp Connection - Salem, MA
The Harp and Dragon - Cortland, NY
Harps of Avalon - Bedford, TX
Harps Unlimited International - Burlington, CT
Hobgolbin/Stoney End Harps - Red Wing, MN
Hoffman Harp Gallery - Lawrence, KS
International Music Service - NY City
Keith Jorgensen's Music Center - Orem, UT
Kolacny Music - Denver, CO
Lyon & Healy Harps - Chicago, IL
Lyon & Healy West - Salt Lake City, UT
Markwood Heavenly Strings & Cases, Phoenix, OR
Melody's Traditional Music and Harp Shoppe - Houston, TX
Michigan Harp Center - Clawson, MI
Mister Standman (music stands)
Music Lover's Shoppe - Rochester, NY
Musicmakers Kits, Inc. - Stillwater, MN
Patelson Music House - NY City
The Perfect Blend - Mt. Vernon, IA
Robinson's Harp Shop - Mt. Laguna, CA
Schenectady Van Curler Music - Schenectady, NY
Silva Vocat/Planet Harp - Bethelem, PA
Song of the Sea - Bar Harbor, ME
Sylvia Woods Harp Center - Glendale, CA
Telynau Vining Harps - Cardiff, Wales, UK
Vanderbilt Music Company - Bloomington, IN
Virginia Harp Center - Midlothian, VA

Harpists and Harpers in the NE United States

Adams-Profeta, Donna
Caldicott, Karlinda
Dutton, Thom
Gallagher, Martha
Gardiner, Melinda
Henson-Conant, Deborah
Huntley, Elizabeth
Hurlburt, Skye
Hurrell, Nancy
Kidwell-Fernandes, Leah
Mango, Teresa
Pool, Ray
Sneddon, Margaret Sanzo
Stockert, Odarka Polansky
Tepper, Ellen
Ziegler, Roxanne

Harp Resources

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Harpers' Home
Turlough O'Carolan - Main Page
Harp Haven
Harp Mall
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