Voci di Donna

(Voices of Woman)

Classical Vocals, Piano, Harp

Barbara Eckhaus, mezzo-soprano, piano
Darhon Rees-Rohrbacher, soprano, piano, harp

Voci di Donna
standing duo

Voci di Donna is a dynamic duo comprised of two professional-caliber classically trained singers who also play piano and harp. Their program selections span the centuries "from Gregorian chant to Gershwin." Voci di Donna performs a varied 60-minute program for senior centers and nursing homes. A longer 80-minute program (two 40-minute segments) is offered for formal recital series. In addition, a customized program can be offered for worship services, banquets and special events.

For booking information, facility requirements and fees, please contact Voci di Donna as follows:

By e-mail: harp@nycap.rr.com
By phone: (518) 439-1748 or 453-6312

The following is a link to excerpts from a free recital performance: