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Harp-Related Links

Note: Dragonflower Music makes no recommendation about the quality of the companies
or individuals listed below. They are simply provided as a service to our customers.

Harp Societies and Journals

American Harp Society & Journal
Folk Harp Society & Journal
Historical Harp Society
The Harp Column
Scottish Harp Society of America

Harp Craftsmen

(companies/individuals who build harps)

Another Era Lutherie
Camac Harps
Dusty Strings Harps
Fisher Harps
Hayden Harps
Heartland Harps
Kortier Harps
Lyon & Healy Harps
Musicmakers Kits
  John Pratt Harp Co.
Rees Instruments
Salvi Harps
Stanley Harps
Thormahlen Harps
Timothy Harps
Triplett Harps

Harp Retail Establishments

(places to purchase harps and/or harp sheet music and accessories)

Atlanta Harp Center - Atlanta, GA
Coon Hollow Canvas - Kila, MT)