Note: This harpist welcomes LGBTQ ceremony bookings.

How to Book a Gig

(See fees/rates link at bottom of page.)

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Darhon Rees-Rohrbacher can provide
harp (or piano) music for the following occasions:

Funerals; Church Services; Black-Tie Affairs; Weddings; Restaurants; Museums;
Private Parties; Fund Raisers; Anniversaries; Concerts; Graduations; High Teas;
Bar/Bat Mitzvahs; Cocktail Hours; Historical Events; Hospices; Nursing Homes

Note: Darhon also performs with flutist Melanie Chirignan in a duo called "Stringwynde."
(See the Facebook page for Stringwynde.)

Stringwynde @ WPC

To inquire about availability: 

Via e-mail, please leave your name and phone number along with the date, time, nature and place of the proposed event. You will receive an e-mail or phone call within a few days regarding your inquiry.

If I am unavailable for your date, you can search on - and put "harpist - Albany, NY" in the search parameters in order to find my harpist colleagues.

Home phone: (518) 453-6312                            E-Mail:

Promotional packet:

Nearly all of the needed information has been supplied on this web site. However, if you prefer to receive additional materials, such as a demo tape, those can be mailed upon request.

Fees/rates for musical services: 

All jobs are quoted on a "flat-fee" basis that includes mileage, all musical time at the event, round-trip transportation, road tolls, lodging, meals, harp insurance and professional liability insurance. 

All-inclusive package prices are offered to clients, so that the client will know in advance exactly how much money to budget. (Some other harpists charge by the hour or half hour.)

Factors determining prices are:

1. How far of a drive the venue is from the performer's home.
2. Total duration of the event, including round-trip driving time, set up time, tear down time, and duration of the musical portion of the event.
3. How much new music needs to be prepared.
4. Whether special attire is needed to be purchased prior to the engagement.
5. Whether the performer needs to find her own hotel accommodations and pay for her own meals.
6. Whether the event involves any potential hazards, such as performing outdoors, performing near a waterfall, performing on a balcony or terrace, etc.
7. If the event is held on a major holiday, such as Valentine's Day, New Year's Eve, etc., the prices will be higher than usual due to the premium nature of the engagement.

Music Choices & Repertoire:

This harpist plays a variety of repertoire in many genres. A list of common processional/recessional wedding pieces with sound samples is found at this link:

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