While there is some regional variation in rates charged by harpists, the list below indicates "average rates" currently charged by conservatory-trained harpists for harp bookings in the Capital District (Albany) of NY.

Note: These rates represent the minimum price charged for the booking. The minimum booking accepted is for a duration of 1 hour and the maximum is for 4 hours.

Wedding ceremony, indoors:  $300
Includes pre-service music, processional, incidental music, recessional, receiving line.

Cocktail hour or brunch, indoors: $300
Up to 90 minutes of harp background music during a cocktail hour or brunch.

Wedding + cocktail package, indoors: $400
Wedding ceremony followed immediately by cocktail hour in the same location - harp does not need to be moved more than 100 feet to an adjacent room for cocktails. Up to 2.5 hours of harp music.

Cocktail/dinner/party package or "extended cocktail hour," indoors: $425
Up to 3 hours total of harp background music during cocktails and while guests are dining.

Funeral/memorial service, indoors: $300
Up to 90 minutes of harp music total; includes prelude, incidental music or hymns, postlude.

Outdoor functions: add $50+ to the above rates.
In addition, the harpist must be shelted by a porch roof, gazebo or waterproof tent during all outdoor events, as harps are very sensitive to sunlight or moisture. All outdoor events must have a contigency plan in place to move indoors during inclement weather, or the booking will not be contracted.

Late fees: $50 per half hour.
Engagements are expected to start within 30 minutes of the contracted time. A late fee of $50 per additional half hour may be imposed if the event starts or ends after the contracted time.

Premium engagements: add minimum of 25% to the above rates.
Bookings on any holiday or holiday eve are considered "premium" engagements and charged accordingly. (Examples are: Christmas, New Year's, Thanksgiving Day, Mother's or Father's Day, Valentine's Day, St. Patrick's Day, etc.)

Union jobs/orchestral jobs:
AFM minimum scale, plus harp cartage & mileage; add principal player surcharge if solo harp.

Out-of-town functions:
Add hotel, meals, and current IRS mileage charge to the basic rate.

Excess mileage charge:
An additional mileage charge will be assessed for all events more than 40 miles away.

Some charitable 501c institutions (i.e. nursing homes, hospice) may qualify for a small discount. Please inquire for special pricing for these events.

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Written contract: 

Once a verbal agreement has been executed, a formal written contract will be sent to each client confirming the details of the engagement, including the fee. The client signs the contract and returns it to the harpist with a deposit to hold the date. (Orchestral bookings and charitable institutions are exempt from deposits.)


This site accepts PayPal for payment of booking fees/deposits within New York State only after a formal written contract has been issued. Please be advised that if any client authorizes a PayPal booking fraudulently, inadvertently, erroneously or from a foreign account, they may be subject to forfeiture of the entire fee. Any approved refunds will be issued by snail-mail check from the artist within 4 months, less transaction fees charged by PayPal of approximately 4%.

Purchases made through PayPal via the logo below are listed in increments of $50. Therefore, if a contracted booking fee is $300, the client should "purchase" six items through the PayPal method for the product. Alternatively, the client may go directly to the PayPal site and make the total lump-sum payment there (http://www.paypal.com).


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