My Pet Birds

What can I say? I am a pet bird lover!

Let me tell you about our most important family members (currently):

Hannibal (Severe Macaw)
Casey (Red-bellied Senegal)

Hannibal & Casey were adoptions.

We have owned as many as six pet birds at one time.

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Hannibal-1-sm Casey
Hannibal - Born in 1995
Casey - Born about 1995

Yes, both of the above birds talk, especially Hannibal.
Hannibal also laughs with glee when he is enjoying himself.   

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In Memorium

Several of our rescued friends have crossed the rainbow bridge, as follows:

In Memorium
Chester the Cockatiel
Born about 1998
Died March 12, 2007
In Memoriam
Pepper the Lovebird
Born about 2001 - Died Sept 19, 2011
In Memoriam
Lillian the Parrotlet
Born about 1997 - Died Nov. 22, 2012

In Memoriam
Cinnamon the Cockatiel
Born about 2001
Died  April 3, 2012
Chester, our beloved cockatiel, age approximately 8-9 years, died in an unfortunate accident where he was crushed to death. Fortunately, he only lasted about 15 seconds, so his death was quick.

We buried him in our backyard. His best buddy, Cinnamon, was devastated. He was our very first bird and we will miss him terribly! As you can see from his photo, he had an engaging personality.
Pepper, our little peach-faced lovebird, was found dead inside his food dish of an unknown cause - probably a sudden heart attack. My husband went to change his food and found him lying lifeless inside his food dish. Pepper had been acting normally and had no obvious signs of ilness or injury.

His cage partner, Miss Lillian, had been getting very weak & wobbly during her last year of life and her feathers were turning gray. She could barely move last night of her life. She was found dead in the bottom of her cage underneath her favorite rope perch, probably died of old age.
Cinnamon, our lovely cockatiel, age approximately 10-11 years, died two days after flying into a wall. We suspect he had a traumatic brain injury or spinal cord injury, as he was having seizures and twitching before he passed on.

He joined Chester, his cage buddy, in our backyard and the two of them are flying free together!
chester duo-bed.jpg
Chester the Cockatiel
Pepper and Lillian
Cinnamon the Cockatiel

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